Singers! Bands! Do you want to
Earn more money from your gigs!

Are you selling merchandise at your gigs to supplement what you get paid to perform?

If it cost you nothing, would you like to add a fragrance to your merchandise lineup?

Are you located close enough to my office in Walden, New York, to be able to drop by and talk?

Here's the deal —

I have a new fragrance I want to sell. I call it "Confusion II" as it was inspired by a sculpture of the same name (see video). The name may seem nuts to you but the fragrance is quite nice.

I want to make sales through musicians who are out there in front of the public, selling themselves at each performance and building a following.

If you are a performer who has gigs and is currently selling your own merchandise at your gigs, perhaps we can help each other.

My offer is simple. If you are for real and serious about what you do, I'd like to make available to you — FREE — six bottles of "Confusion II" to sell, relabeled with whatever name and artwork you want to give it.

I recommend a $20 price for the full size, 30ml bottle but if you can get more for it, that's fine with me.

After the initial six bottles have been sold, I can provide additional bottles to you at $10 each with no minimum ordre size. You just have to alert me a few days in advance and then pick them up at my office.

Some publicity goes with this deal

If we work together, while your crew will be doing the actual selling, I'll be giving the program — and you — multiple mentions on my three websites, three blogs, and twitter page, encouraging my followers to find you.

This could be useful to you for more than just selling perfume.

Let's talk

If this proposition is of interest to you, let's communicate.

If you want to see the video with this pitch, it's here.

Thanks for your interest. I hope we can work together.

Philip Goutellsignature


If you are a energetic, responsible, money-hungry lover of bands and think you could act as an interemediary in a deal like this, I'd be happy to talk to you too.

Confusion II

Confusion II, shown above in 1 oz (29 ml) bottle. If we work together, you can rename it anything you want.

For Women:

White Trash

Summer Air



And for Men:

Mimosa for Men