Xotic for men


Not currently available

A fantastic wake up fragrance ... but give it about 20 minutes before you bid your lover 'good morning.' Opens with a bark but soon becomes a gentle tail wagger. Notes include clove leaf, fir needle, sandalwood, cade, and musk, with floral accents.

Also available as a solid perfume.

Philip Goutell
Philip Goutell Signature

This fragrance, now called "Xotic", has somethinbg of a history. If Blackberry was said to be an acquired taste, Xotic was developed for out-and-out daredevils. Yet I, and others, have found it remarkably pleasant. For me, it quickly became a favorite — a quick wake up and then a soothing morning, at least that is how I've seen it.

Xotic wasn't always "Xotic". Out of the blue I received an offer from someone to buy the name I had been using and, after negotiations, a deal was struck — for the name alone. So now this fragrance is offered under its current name, Xotic.

You can get an idea of Xotic by sampling it as a solid perfume but the solid, in my opinion, is but a weak representation of the Xotic found here.