$timeout 'multi' fragrance

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In a coding language called AngularJS, there exists a service called "$timeout." $timeout halts an ongoing process — for some amount of time — and, when that time has elapsed, will either restart the interrupted routine or launch a new routine that might be quite different. Does this sound familiar?

Developed in a time of great uncertainty, $timeout can give your spirits a lift, regardless of how the future may unfold. $timeout is a soft, pleasant fragrance for a woman – but a man can partake of it too.

Since I created $timeout, I know exactly what went into it: a gentle touch of tonka bean absolute; a swish of frangipanni. But my words cannot adequately describe it. The scent leaves me tongue-tied, and perhaps a bit breathless.

I have no samples; I have no retail distribution. Yet I want to tempt you to try a bottle of $timeout so I have a simple offer: Order a bottle. Use it, enjoy it. If $timeout fails to please, simply tell me and your money will be refunded in full. No need to return the bottle.

I trust your judgment but believe you will be pleased.

Postal regulations prohibit international shipments and, within the U.S., I can only ship by surface mail. Orders are shipped within two business days and delivery time will generally be within two weeks.

I invite you to place your order now.

Not currently available

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