Dirty Water Reflects

Dirty Water Reflects

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Dirty water, look into it and see what it reflects back to you. Let your imagination weave a story. Reflect on the reflections. Perhaps some leaves, some fallen sticks, some sediment, maybe even some trash. What story is it telling you? It's a story that nobody will share. It's your imagination, your reflections, your deep, sunken story.

Features notes include labdanum, frangapani, oakmoss, and rose. The formula for Dirty Water Reflects is revealed in this video on YouTube... with only a few details left out.

Philip Goutell
Philip Goutell Signature

I have written a bit about naming fragrances and this name doesn't make the cut. But there is a reason for it and there is a story, but perhaps it's too personal to inspire the interest of anyone but myself.

I was riding a train from Campbell Hall to Hoboken, on my way to what was supposed to be an important meeting. It was that season which is the ending of winter but not yet the beginning of spring. Snow was turning into rain as we traveled through woods, past towns, and then through the wetlands of New Jersey. And there were the reflections, beautiful reflections, from water that neither you nor I would care to drink. "Dirty water reflects." A thought, an image became a name. Now the challenge was to create a fragrance that, in some way, would reflect the feeling and beauty of those reflections. Dirty Water Reflects is my interpretation of the reflections that inspired me on that snowy, slushy day.